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Wall and Table Clock MAULflow, digital

Item No. 9082890

33,20 €
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Netto-Preis: 28,62 €
33,20 €
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Wall and Table Clock MAULflow, digital
33,20 €
Preis inkl. MwSt.
Netto-Preis: 28,62 €
33,20 €
Price incl. VAT incl. Shipping
In Stock.
Available (1-7 days shipping time) (Normalgut)


  • Precise: digital time display to the second by radio signal
  • Overlook everything at a glance: displays the week day and the week number,
  • calender until 2099 with reminder function
  • Many other functions: displays room temperature and moon phases, timer
  • function, snooze function, dual alarm
  • Large time digits: 4,8 cm, also readable from 10 m distance, well arranged
  • display
  • Days of the week in 7 languages: German, English, French, Italian, Dutch,
  • Spanish, Danish
  • Ideal for the office, the reception area, public institutions, at home or in a
  • home office
  • Modern design: black surface in high-gloss finish, control buttons on the back
  • Automatic ajdustment of summer/winter time
  • Flexible: select 12-hour or 24-hour display
  • Dual alarm: two alarm sounds, e.g. for using 2 different wake-up times from
  • Monday to Friday and for the week-end
  • Snooze /repeated alarm function: 8 x 5 min
  • Easy operation, silent control buttons
  • Displays room temperature (-10° to +50°C) in °C or °F
  • Battery operated: 2 batteries AA included 1,5 V
  • Automatic synchronisation with DCF77 signal
  • Signal interference due to geological situations or metal constructions in
  • buildings is possible. In these cases, a manual adjustment is necessary. Range
  • of the signal approx. 1500 km from the transmitter location
  • Time zone adjustable +/- 12 hours
  • Practical: for standing on fold-out foot or hanging on a wall, 2 loops on the
  • back
  • Total size of clock 23 x 16 cm, high contrast LCD display, 17 x 9 cm
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    23 x 16 cm
    2 Jahre

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