Akku LED-Leuchte MAULzed, 29868_8180254akku-led-leuchte-maulzed-dimmbar-1.jpg Akku LED-Leuchte MAULzed, 29869_8180254-akku-led-leuchte-maulzed-dimmbar-2.jpg Akku LED-Leuchte MAULzed, 873724_8180254-akku-led-leuchte-maulzed-dimmbar-5.jpg Akku LED-Leuchte MAULzed, 653230_8180254-akku-led-leuchte-maulzed-dimmbar-6.jpg Akku LED-Leuchte MAULzed, 321946_8180254-akku-led-leuchte-maulzed-dimmbar-7.jpg Akku LED-Leuchte MAULzed, 921130_8180254-akku-led-leuchte-maulzed-dimmbar-8.jpg Akku LED-Leuchte MAULzed, 924859_8180254-akku-led-leuchte-maulzed-dimmbar-9.jpg Akku LED-Leuchte MAULzed, 253612_8180254-akku-led-leuchte-maulzed-dimmbar-10.jpg Akku LED-Leuchte MAULzed, 849900_8180254-akku-led-leuchte-maulzed-dimmbar-4.jpg Akku LED-Leuchte MAULzed, 328775_8180254-akku-led-leuchte-maulzed-dimmbar-3.jpg Akku LED-Leuchte MAULzed, 883515_8180254-akku-led-leuchte-maulzed-dimmbar-27.jpg Akku LED-Leuchte MAULzed, 833578_8180254-akku-led-leuchte-maulzed-dimmbar-2.jpg Akku LED-Leuchte MAULzed, 22509_8180254-akku-led-leuchte-maulzed-dimmbar-26.jpg Akku LED-Leuchte MAULzed, 141935_8180254-akku-led-leuchte-maulzed-dimmbar-25.jpg Akku LED-Leuchte MAULzed, 734990_8180254-akku-led-leuchte-maulzed-dimmbar-24.jpg Akku LED-Leuchte MAULzed, 517493_8180254-akku-led-leuchte-maulzed-dimmbar-23.jpg Akku LED-Leuchte MAULzed, 636908_8180254-akku-led-leuchte-maulzed-dimmbar-22.jpg Akku LED-Leuchte MAULzed, 888395_8180254-akku-led-leuchte-maulzed-dimmbar-21.jpg Akku LED-Leuchte MAULzed, 446135_8180254-akku-led-leuchte-maulzed-dimmbar-16.jpg Akku LED-Leuchte MAULzed, 456149_8180254-akku-led-leuchte-maulzed-dimmbar-15.jpg Akku LED-Leuchte MAULzed, 736618_8180254-akku-led-leuchte-maulzed-dimmbar-14.jpg Akku LED-Leuchte MAULzed, 723535_8180254-akku-led-leuchte-maulzed-dimmbar-13.jpg Akku LED-Leuchte MAULzed, 423580_8180254-akku-led-leuchte-maulzed-dimmbar-12.jpg Akku LED-Leuchte MAULzed, 291259_8180254-akku-led-leuchte-maulzed-dimmbar-11.jpg Akku LED-Leuchte MAULzed, 29871_8180254-akku-led-leuchte-maulzed-dimmbar-3.jpg Akku LED-Leuchte MAULzed, 148141_8180254_use4.jpg Akku LED-Leuchte MAULzed, 805834_81802-led-akkuleuchte-maulseven-use2.jpg Akku LED-Leuchte MAULzed, 901809_8180254_use6.jpg Akku LED-Leuchte MAULzed, 29874_8180254-energy-efficiency.jpg

Rechargeable LED Lamp MAULzed, dimmable

Item No. 8180254

Energy efficiency class: A+
Spectrum: A++ to E
35,58 €
Preis inkl. MwSt.
Netto-Preis: 30,67 €
35,58 €
Price incl. VAT incl. Shipping
In Stock.
Available (1-7 days shipping time) (Normalgut)

Rechargeable LED Lamp MAULzed, dimmable
35,58 €
Preis inkl. MwSt.
Netto-Preis: 30,67 €
Energy efficiency class: A+
Spectrum: A++ to E
35,58 €
Price incl. VAT incl. Shipping
In Stock.
Available (1-7 days shipping time) (Normalgut)


  • Mobile: wireless lamp for small spaces, changing workplaces
  • or on the move
  • Off-grid function by rechargeable battery, including micro B USB port and
  • cable,no disturbing cable
  • Take it wherever light is needed: to the terrace, kitchen table, basement,
  • camper or hotel
  • Can be clapped together saving space, fits in bags and suitcases
  • Intensity of illumination adjustable in 3 steps
  • Extremely economical : modern LED technology
  • Technical safety concept Made by MAUL
  • Can also be suspended: wall fixing via pear loop
  • With 10 LEDs, 3100 Kelvin, warm white light
  • This lamp contains built-in LEDs. The LEDs cannot be changed in the lamp
  • The life of the LEDs is 20.000 hours
  • Energy efficiency class "A+" (spectrum A++ to E)
  • Low power consumption of approx. 3 Watt
  • Weighted energy consumption 3 kWh/1000h
  • 2040 Lux illuminance at 18 cm distance, luminous flux 120 Lumen
  • Armlength 16,7 cm, height 19 cm
  • Lamp head, 15,4 x 5 cm, can be tilted
  • Base, 18 x 5 cm, with desk protection and and rubber suction feet
  • Lithium-ion battery, battery runtime: approx. 5 hours, charging time: approx.
  • 4 hours
  • Convenient: control button on the lamp head
  • Micro B USB port on the side of the base
  • Including USB cable, length approx. 94 cm
  • Can be charged through all standard USB power supplies (1 ampere)
  • Size of folded lamp 18,2 x 5 x 2,9 cm
  • Subject to technical adjustments due to EU regulations (EU) 2019/2020 and (EU)
  • 2019/2015. More information is available at
  • Environment friendly and safe packaging, recyclable
  • Technical safety concept Made by MAUL: lamps and luminaires are not
  • included in our program until they have passed intensive tests.
  • Our team of optical, electronic and mechanical engineers as well as the
  • production engineers guarantee the safety of the MAULzed, dimmable.
  • We are obliged to subject prototypes to various tests, both in-house and
  • externally at various test facilities or institutes. Among other things:
  • All plug-in power supplies are disassembled and tested for safety by us
  • All luminaires undergo EMC tests during the development phase
  • All luminaires undergo endurance testing in our in-house test laboratory
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    Item No.
    Energy efficiency
    light green
    Colour Temperature
    215 g
    Average consumption
    3 kWh/1000h
    2 Jahre
    LED Life Cycle
    Suitable lamps
    Built-in LED, cannot be changed
    Nominal capacity of rechargeable battery
    2000 mAh

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