LED-Lupenleuchte MAULduplex, schwarz 709758_8261190-led-lupenleuchte-maulduplex-01.jpg LED-Lupenleuchte MAULduplex, schwarz 904484_8261190-led-lupenleuchte-maulduplex-02.jpg LED-Lupenleuchte MAULduplex, schwarz 884384_8261190-led-lupenleuchte-maulduplex-03.jpg LED-Lupenleuchte MAULduplex, schwarz 893759_8261190-led-lupenleuchte-maulduplex-04.jpg LED-Lupenleuchte MAULduplex, schwarz 980838_8261190-led-lupenleuchte-maulduplex-05.jpg LED-Lupenleuchte MAULduplex, schwarz 550702_8261190-led-lupenleuchte-maulduplex-06.jpg LED-Lupenleuchte MAULduplex, schwarz 930787_8261190-led-lupenleuchte-maulduplex-07.jpg LED-Lupenleuchte MAULduplex, schwarz 217609_8261190-led-lupenleuchte-maulduplex-08.jpg LED-Lupenleuchte MAULduplex, schwarz 785271_8261190-led-lupenleuchte-maulduplex-09.jpg LED-Lupenleuchte MAULduplex, schwarz 650077_8261190-led-lupenleuchte-maulduplex-10.jpg LED-Lupenleuchte MAULduplex, schwarz 795919_8261190-led-lupenleuchte-maulduplex-11.jpg Energy Efficiency 28437-8261190-02-energy-efficiency.jpg

Magnifying LED Lamp MAULduplex

Item No. 8261190

Energy efficiency class: A+
Spectrum: A++ to E
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97,58 €
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Netto-Preis: 82,00 €
97,58 €
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Magnifying LED Lamp MAULduplex
97,58 €
Preis inkl. MwSt.
Netto-Preis: 82,00 €
Energy efficiency class: A+
Spectrum: A++ to E
97,58 €
Price incl. VAT incl. Shipping
In Stock.
Available (1-7 days shipping time) (Normalgut)


  • For price-conscious people
  • Extremely economical : latest LED technology, energy efficiency class
  • "A+" (spectrum A++ to E)
  • The circular placement of the LED allows for a uniform repartition of the
  • light
  • Ideal for precise work in laboratories, workshops, engineering offices,
  • medical and doctor's offices. Or for private use for stamp collectors,
  • precision mechanics, or as magnifying reading help
  • Technical safety concept Made by MAUL
  • Compact design: space saving and easy to handle
  • Double use: magnifying glass and desk lamp
  • Protected: a flap protects from dust and from sunshine
  • 3 dioptre lens (magnifying factor 1,75), Ø 4" (10 cm) and added small
  • embedded 12 dioptre lens (magnifying factor 4), Ø 1" (2,5 cm), lens surface
  • 78,5 cm²
  • Suitable for smart home if used with an additional device
  • With 42 LEDs, 6000 Kelvin, daylight white light
  • This lamp contains built-in LEDs. The LEDs cannot be changed in the lamp
  • The life of the LEDs is 20.000 hours
  • Extremely low power consumption with approx. 7 Watt
  • Weighted energy consumption 7 kWh/1000h
  • Guaranteed: no consumption in switch-off mode
  • 1500 Lux illuminance at 35 cm distance, luminous flux 550 Lumen
  • Plastic arm, lower arm 15,5 cm length, upper arm 18 cm
  • Height in normal working position 30 cm
  • Ball joint allows three-dimensional adjustment of lamp head
  • Stable plastic base, 15 x 18 cm, with weight inlay and desk protection
  • Switch on base for easy switch on and off
  • Subject to technical adjustments due to EU regulations (EU) 2019/2020 and (EU)
  • 2019/2015. More information is available at
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    Item No.
    Energy efficiency
    Spektrum: A++ bis E
    Colour Temperature
    Colour Rendering Index
    Average consumption
    7 kWh/1000h
    2 Jahre
    Cable length
    1,4 m
    LED Life Cycle
    Colour temperature
    Illuminance (Lux / cm)
    1500 / 35
    Suitable lamps
    Built-in LED, cannot be changed
    Protection class
    ll europlug
    Packaging unit
    1 pc.

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