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Energy-Saving Workplace Luminaire MAULatelier

Item No. 8267002

Energy efficiency class: A+
Spectrum: A++ to E
155,89 €
Preis inkl. 19% MwSt. Excl. shipping cost
Netto-Preis: 131,00 €
155,89 €
Price incl. 19% VAT incl. Shipping
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Energy-Saving Workplace Luminaire MAULatelier
155,89 €
Preis inkl. 19% MwSt. Excl. shipping cost
Netto-Preis: 131,00 €
Energy efficiency class: A+
Spectrum: A++ to E
155,89 €
Price incl. 19% VAT incl. Shipping
In Stock.
Available (1-7 days shipping time) (Normalgut)


  • Our most powerful energy saving workplace luminaire
  • Perfect for professionals: ideal for laboratories, workshops, engineering
  • offices and studios
  • Highest luminosity: 3 x 14 Watt energy-saving fluorescent tubes
  • Very high energy efficiency: class "A+"
  • Anti-glare light thanks to fins grid in the luminaire head
  • Stable: parallelogram arm made of steel tube with inner spring and sturdy
  • clamp with steel inlay
  • Technical safety concept Made by MAUL
  • Suitable for smart home if used with an additional device
  • Includes 3 x 14 Watt energy-saving fluorescent tubes (Socket G5), 6500
  • Kelvin, daylight-white light
  • The luminaire is sold with three lamps of the energy class "A+"
  • (spectrum A++ to E)
  • Weighted energy consumption 16 kWh/1000h per lamp
  • The life of the lamps is 8.000 hours
  • Guaranteed: no consumption in switch-off mode
  • With electronic control gear (ECG)
  • The ECG ensures an anti-glare light with no flickering and low consumption.
  • Another advantage is the longer life expectancy of the lamp
  • 2800 Lux illuminance at 35 cm distance, luminous flux 1250 Lumen per lamp
  • Sturdy metal arm can be rotated by 360°, upper and lower arm length 40 cm each
  • Height in normal working position 40 cm
  • Switch on luminaire head for easy switch on and off
  • Plastic-moulded metal desk clamp (max. clamping width 6,5 cm)
  • This luminaire is compatible with lamps of the energy classes from A++ to B
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    Item No.
    Metal clamp
    Intensity of illumin
    2800 / 35
    Energy efficiency
    Spektrum: A++ bis E
    828 14 05
    Colour Rendering Index
    Average consumption
    3x16 kWh/1000h
    2 Jahre
    Cable length
    1,5 m
    Colour temperature
    3 x 1250
    Suitable lamps
    A++ to B
    Protection class
    ll europlug
    Packaging unit
    1 pc.

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