Suitable for all MAUL Letter Scales with Interface:

MAULlogic with Interface, 2 kg and 10 kg
Art.-No.: 152 51 02, 152 21 02, 152 24 02, 152 92 02, 152 94 05, 152 95 02

MAULstudio with Interface, 2 kg
Art.-No.: 153 21 90, 153 91 90, 153 92 90

MAULparcel with Interface, 50 kg
Art.-No.: 176 51 90, 176 94 90, 176 95 90

All programmes belonging to this system are included in the download; individual programmes can not be downloaded separately.
File size 39 MB.

Unzip the Zip-archive in a file and start the installation selection with the file Start.exe.

If you want to download our software, please contact us.

Software Information

Windows interface:
Weight value tranfer per definable Hotkey (chosen key)
The programme reads the weight values afer a defined hotkey has been pressed in any windows programme, e.g. excel, Word, or any other text-based software. The weight value can then be used in the chosen programme.

Counting Programme:
The weighing is shown in the programme. This is used to calculate the number of pieces on the scales
A journal can be printed documenting the process
Five languages are possible for this programme

Large Display:
Transfer of the weight gauge and the scales operation to the monitor
Gradual change of the display size
Users with sight impediments can read the display with comfort. One can read the weight form a distance. An additional display to the display on the scales

Rates Programme:
The programme shows a table with weight sectors and associated tariff values
The rate divisions are compared with the weighed weight. The divisions corresponding to the weight are shown in green, so one has quick overview and allocation
The programme provides an automatic download of national postal tariff tables via Internet
3 additional tables can be edited individually
Own tariff structures for house tariffs, parcel services etc. can be enteres indeoendently
5 languages possible

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