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WARNING: Crushing hazard

WARNING: Crushing hazard

Magnets have a high attraction force. When two magnets get close to each other, there is danger of a heavy collision between them with the risk of pinching fingers or skin.

WARNING - Magnetic fields

WARNING: Pacemakers, data storage devices, electronic and mechanical devices

Strong magnetic fields can interfere with a.m. devices and even destroy them. Please comply with the manufacturers’ specifications, also concerning safety distance.

WARNING: Metal splitters

WARNING: Metal splitters

Neodymium magnets risk to split, i.e. when two magnets collide. Risk of injury from fragments. We recommend to wear safety glasses.



Magnets should be packed in the centre of a significantly larger box, with enough filler and wrapping material around them. Otherwise the magnets risk to damage the content of other parcels. Please also observe the special airfreight regulations, especially for USA, Canada and Japan. In case of shipment of larger quantities, please contact your transportation company.

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