Responsibility and future-orientation:
Our most important values are susstainment, social responsibility and public spirit. We also invest in these values and are members of national initiatives, e.g. as a founding member of the "Office-Gold-Club GmbH "and one of the first signatories of the "PBS-Ethical Code".
The quality: high and approved
As the raw materiales are chosen by ourselves and the products created by ourselves, we can guarantee a first-class quality. This is certified by the TÜV stamp "safety approved". Moreover, quality made in Germany means more to us; we drive forward innovative development and are the worldwide technical leader in solar scales production.
The employees: qualified and self-confident
We believe in own responsibility and qualification, in process organisation and transparency. Our 190 employees are, so to speak, entrepreneurs in the company - flat hierarchies allow direct contact and quick decision-making processes which are made by the employees themselves in their own departments. No prolonged decision processes but indtead more identification with their own work.

The capability of our employees, joined with the eagerness to innovate on our own permises, is what makes us strong: we can react quickly and flexibly to the developments on the market place and also to the wishes of our customers. We are not interested in the quick short-term solutions but rather in good, long-lasting and creative products. In unison with our company philosophy.

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